View Full Version : Bad tuning problems with my 1g Stealth, help?

05-19-2004, 03:33 AM
I am having a strange problem with my MAFT setup, I have the ls6 corvette MAS in blowthrough configuration with the following settings on 360cc injectors.

Aux - 8
Base - 6
Idle - 2
Mid - 1
WOT - 0

I have had this problem occur twice now. I completely tune out the whole MAFT EXCEPT for WOT... The thing runs perfect! Once I start doing some WOT runs and tune it (or even not have to adjust it) soon there after (about 5-15 min) my car starts surging. It is like it has a hunting idle between 2k-2500rpm and it will not go away no matter what, whether you are at a stop, cruising, push in the clutch no matter what it will stay at that rpm... The first time this happened I reset the ECU and started from scratch again on the MAFT and it worked fantastic until today when I tried WOT again. Someone care to clear this problem up? I have no boost leaks or anything, vacuum is good... Thanks for the help!

On a side note... My low/mid trims have fluctuated and been tuned out but the high trim still has not budged from the 100% spot yet no matter how long I cruise in it's hz range... I am unaware if this has anything to do with my WOT issues or not...