View Full Version : Results with 2.01 upgrade

06-12-2004, 01:09 PM
StealthTT, LS6 drawthru, PTE 680s, S-15Gs.

Knowing some have had tuning issues with the upgrade chip, I put off the upgrade until recently. Well...I gotta say, "what the hell took me so long". :D

The car started and idled perfectly immediately after the install. Retuning with this chip is almost there. I still need to dial in WOT a bit and set boost back up to where I left it with the 1.37. Then, I'll be ready to go to the RPM mode.

Drivability with this chip is MUCH improved over the 1.3x (I've used 3 versions). Before, I could never get both mid and high trims within ~25 of 100 and the car drive well. I'd have huge O2 trim swings (30-170), in order to improve drivability. Trying to keep mid/high trim near 100 would give me huge hesitation at low boost.

With 2.01, my O2 trim swings between 80-120 and acceleration is seamless. Fuel trims are all within 10 of 100.

This is my 4th version of the MAFT, and BY FAR the best. Good work guys!


06-29-2004, 07:25 PM
Thanks, Unless something major happens or Bob starts dreaming up new features this will be the last version you get