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09-05-2008, 06:43 AM
Hey guys, I finally got my Supra running! It is a full rebuild, still running the stock turbo and injectors for now, but i have a walbro 255 pump and aeromotive AFPR

I'm running the Maft-Pro with speed density, using a 3-bar map sensor feeding off of the stock boost sensor vacuum line (starts at the top firewall side of the intake manifold)

So far I have a code 24 (intake temp code) and 32 (HAC code), I know the 24 is normal, but whats with the 32? I definitely remember disconnecting the HAC... though theres a 1% chance I'm wrong lol

The car idles very loopy, goes up and down, but eventually does stabilize, there is major hesitation when I give it throttle, and the revs dip down and almost dies before shooting up.

I still have a driveline issue to debug as well before I can do more of a drive, and of course I forgot to have my assistant log the first one :(

Here are my settings, I removed the tables, if anyone wants to see them let me know.

I'm planning on adjusting the TPS enrichment, but I'm not really sure what the scale is...

I'm a little lost as to where to start, user tune? ve table? I just want to get it driveable enough so I can break in the engine before fine tuning!

TunerPro Bin Data Export
Source File: setup.bin
Source Definition: TPro500 Vehicle0 and 1.xdf


Vehicle Select 00
Number of Cylinders 6
Displacement 2.96 Liter
Airflow Source 0x00 Select
Manifold pressure source 00
Load Source 0x00
Barometer Comp Mode 01
Frequency Out Mode 0x04
V Out1 Mode 0 Select
V Out2 Mode 0 Select
AFR Source 1 Select
Freq In Mode 0
Aux 1 mode 00
Main Scale 0.00
Volts Out 1 Limit 2.45 limit
Volts Out 2 Limit 3.53 volts
Afterstart enrichment 0.00
Tune Load Point, Low 36.40
Tune Load Point, Mid 100.10
Tune Load Point, High 143.00
Freq Out Max 0
Timing Monitor, Base Adjust 0.00
Timing Monitor, Correction 1.27
FE Smoothing 30
SparkBase 15.00 degrees
Boost control TPS Spool 2.50
Boost control RPM Spool 3008 RPM
Boost control TPS Start 3.70 Volts
Boost control PSI Start 5.00 PSI
Boost control DC% Start 25.20 Percent
Boost control PSI Set 10.00 PSI
Boost control PSI Aux 10.00 PSI
Boost Control Gain 4.00
Boost Control DC% Start Aux 10.00 Percent
Boost Control Max RPM 0.00
AFR Min TPS 4.90
AFR Min RPM 3200
AFR Min Load 166.50
AFR correction lean limit 10.00
AFR correction rich limit 10.00
AFR correction gain 4.00
AFR Aux % 0.00
AFR Tracking, Enable delay 0.00 Seconds
TPS Enrichment 0.40
TPS Decay 0.60
Throttle Body Size 6
TPS MAP Max 104.06
MAP Enrichment 0.10
Boost Enrichment 0.10
MAP TPS Min 0.80 Volts
MAP RPM Min 2560.00
MAF Limit TPS Threshold 0.00 Volts
MAF Limit 0.00
MAF Limit / KRPM 0.00 Grams/Sec
MAF Limit RPM Min 0.00 RPM
MAF Limit Time 0.00 seconds
Part Throttle Tracking Idle TPS 0.00
Part Throttle Tracking Idle RPM 640.00
Part Throttle Tracking Idle A/F Ratio 13.50
Part Throttle Tracking Cruise TPS 0.00
Part Throttle Tracking Cruise RPM 2560.00
Part Throttle Tracking Cruise Load 91.05
Part Throttle Tracking Cruise A/F Ratio 14.50
Part Throttle Tracking Lean Load 84.55
Part Throttle Tracking Lean Delay 10.00
Part Throttle Tracking Lean A/F Ratio 16.00
Part Throttle Tracking Gain 15.00
Part Throttle Tracking Startup Delay 74.51 Percent
Enhanced TPS RPM threshold 4800.00
Enhanced TPS Load Threshold 188.24 KPA

For more details check the last page or two of my build thread:


09-05-2008, 06:53 AM
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