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Default is my maft fried?

Heres the story,
I own a 3000gt vr4 and the stock maf somehow popped out its honeycomb and then beat the crap out of it everytime it got sucked into the area where the vortex sensor is. needless to say the readings were wild and the car ran like crap. I got a very good deal on a used maft v2.01 on ebay with a 3 inch maf sensor. person said they never used it.... got it all hooked up and its not working like it should.
frequency wire from the maft is putting out a pretty constant .10v but no frequency. tested the gm sensor and its putting out a very nice frequency signal so i know the problem is not there. and when the unit is powered up the red light flashes 1 quick flash and then the unit does nothing else . the light does not flash when the knobs are turned either. any info would help me out. all switches are set to off.

Thank you

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